Our 2015 Photo Shoot

Easter Photo Shoot

Our very first photo shoot runs across all our branches over Easter 2015.



This year the school took part in a very exciting venture which took place over the Easter holidays-the first ever filming of the Catherine Casey School of Dance short movie! All students little and big, from all 3 branches were invited to attend this unique event which took place in the Castleknock venue.

The filming was performed by Ms. Sarah Douglas (a senior student attending Film and Broadcasting in DIT). This short film is available for all to watch on the school’s website and will be a wonderful introduction to next year’s Dance Showcase.

Adding to the excitement on the day, a photo shoot also took place with the wonderful professional photographer, Ms. Clara Hooper from clarahooper.com. The children all had a fabulous time practising their poses with some very lucky teddy bears getting their pictures taken too!

The feedback from the photo shoot has been overwhelmingly positive from both parents and students alike and promises to be something we can look forward to again in the future.