At your first class, it is a good idea to….

  • leave yourself plenty of time to arrive
  • bring a bottle of water
  • wear something you are comfortable wearing and can move in. Layers are a great idea
  • pop your phone on airplane mode so it doesn’t disturb you
There is plenty of parking available in the carpark outside the community centre.

To get to class, from the carpark, walk into the main building from the carpark. When you reach the café area, turn right and you will see two doors facing you. Your studio door is the one the right. Please be aware that there is a class ongoing in this studio until 6pm – the door will be left open the moment this class ends and you can go in straight away then.

If you would like to buy shoes etc for your class, your teacher will be happy to advise at class. Click here, for Dance World & a couple of handy hints

When buying ballet shoes
  • always go for the leather or canvas ones
  • always go up at least one full size from your normal shoe size
  • shoes should be snug but not cramp or “knuckle” your toes
Happy dancing!
Catherine & Team