At your first class, it is a good idea to….

  • leave yourself plenty of time to arrive
  • not bring siblings if at all possible. (The centres can be very busy with class change-overs)
  • give a snack and a bathroom break before class. This way everyone is awake, fuelled up, and ready to go for their brand-new adventure
  • keep the adventure a phone-free zone. Your child needs your full attention on what is a big day for them
  • have your child wear something they are comfortable and can move in. For the first three-four classes, a comfortable top and a pair of leggings will do beautifully. After week 4, the school uniform should be worn to class each week
There is plenty of parking available in the carpark outside the community centre.

To get to class, from the carpark, walk into the centre, and straight through the building to exit through the glass door on the other side. Turn right and walk along the outside of the building to the fire door on the right. Children can enter through the emergency doors at the side of the hall. Children can be collected from the same door.

Each child reacts differently to their first class – some join the class without so much as a backwards glance. Other children take things more slowly. Both are very normal and to be expected. We focus on what works for each child.

If you prefer to have the uniform for the first class, you can check out full uniform details

When buying ballet shoes:
  • always go for the leather ones
  • always go up one full size from your child’s normal shoe size
Children in 1 st class + doing a 55 minute class should go for the primary/level 1 uniform, with all items are available through Dance World.
Click here, look for the uniforms section on the site, and then choose our school from the schools listed for your convenience.

Happy dancing!
Catherine & Team